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About Us

Two sisters and their mother, born and raised in Ethiopia and now living in Sacramento, are reunited in their efforts to prepare and serve you the unique flavors and foods of their country. In East Africa, Ethiopia is a land of ancient traditions and delicious dishes with a unique blend of spices, ingredients, and cooking techniques. As sisters, some of our earliest memories of Ethiopia are of our mother working as a cook for a restaurant in our village. The delicious flavors, smells, and sounds of a mother preparing and cooking the food as we watched by her side and tried to help. We live here in Sacramento, but these memories and traditions of preparing the food and eating together as a family in Ethiopia remain vibrant. One of our favorite traditions centered on food and family is called “Gursha.” We decided to use this word for our kitchen because “Gursha” describes the act of love and affection when someone uses their hand to feed another with a small portion of food. As we prepare and cook the Ethiopian dishes for you, we always keep “Gursha” as a top priority for our customers, and our best intention is that “we feed you with love.” “Enebla” - letus eat!

Our new restaurant will have seating so we can better serve our wonderful customers with delicious homemade Ethiopian food in a cozy and culturally immersed atmosphere. 

Gursha Ethiopian cuisine will be at Placer Center Plaza Shopping Center, 1821 Douglas. Blvd, Unit C-5, Roseville, CA 95661.

We prepare our food daily in the kitchen, and it’s convenient for dine-in, takeout or pickup, and delivery. We can cater an event, too. If you let us know beforehand, we can cater your next special event
with unique Ethiopian dishes.

Our Food
At Gursha Ethiopian cuisine, we prepare a wide range of vegetarian dishes using lentils, potatoes, carrots, and greens, and for our meat dishes, you can select from chicken, beef, and
fish. Of course, you can eat each bite with our homemade injera – the unique Ethiopian
flatbread made from the tiny grains of teff.

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